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What could possibly be more frustrating than having to do the exact same improvement project to the same property over and over again? When the repair that has to be continually made is to water damaged concrete, each new repair represents an expense that could've been avoided and serves as proof for how important and how tricky it can be to seal concrete properly.

Yet, the seemingly endless rounds of concrete repairing are a type of brutal cycle that many property owners unfortunately find themselves in. the problem is that their concrete surfaces never get sufficient protection from water damage, despite all attempts. It takes a smart solution and a true expert to seal concrete effectively. Otherwise, the painful cycle of damage and costly repair remains ongoing.

Truly waterproof concrete not only protects the concrete from water damage, but it protects the owner from the stress and headache, wasted time, and lost money that such damage would bring about. For this reason, it should be a considered a high priority to seal concrete that's at risk of water damage.

What Happens When Water Gets Into Unsealed Concrete?

Suppose a property owner is fully aware that some concrete surface they own isn't waterproof, be it a basement wall or floor, a driveway, or a walkway, but they don't see it as a serious situation, and so don't bother to have the surface properly sealed. What can they expect?

Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It carves canyons and makes broad rivers where their once was none. It doesn't take long for water to seriously degrade a concrete surface, cracking it, breaking it up, and causing it to crumble into naught.

Of course, the problem isn't always the property owner's negligence, as it's not always easy to tell sufficiently waterproof concrete from concrete that's not properly sealed - that is, until the moisture and damage starts to show. The air capillaries that form as newly laid concrete dries can serve as entryways for water, and even if an attempt has been made to seal the concrete, water left to have its way with the concrete is sure to cause damage.

In order to properly seal concrete, the capillaries left over from the drying process must be completely closed off by a sealant that's strong enough to block the water and last. Moreover, only a true pro can apply a sealing system effectively.

The Frustrating Search for an Effective Solution

Finding really great concrete expert is no easy task. Neither is it easy to find the best product to seal concrete. Many sealants prove generally ineffective, as they either don't provide a strong enough barrier against the water, or they simply don't last. Many of those who work with concrete don't take the time to find the best solution for their customers, or they simply don't know what it really takes to seal the concrete right.

These problems are the underlying cause of many cases of concrete damage. The worst part is when other factors such as ice and weeds take advantage of the gateway left open by the water damage, speeding the rate of concrete degradation and making the problem increasingly worse.

The good news is that no longer are the hands of the property owner tied when it comes to protecting their concrete. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ATD Concrete Coatings is your ticket to truly waterproof concrete.

Our Waterproof Concrete Sealant System Makes Life Easier

The concrete sealing system that we use is a special cement-based rubberized membrane. It works to provides superior protection against water damage by stopping the water from getting in.

Besides the great, lasting performance of the system we use to seal concrete, one of the greatest benefits is the way you don't have to sacrifice design. Instead, our solution allows you to still take advantage of the many beautiful decorative coatings that are so popular.

We even have elastomer applications available, which are ideal for projects that require fast elongation rates. These applications prevent cracks and gaps while creating a powerful, watertight seal.

Protect Your Concrete and Your Property

Water damage done to concrete has the potential to affect much more than just the surface in which it occurs. Instead, the damage can lead to many other issues with your property, heightening expenses and frustrations.

Keep your concrete safe from water damage and in excellent condition. At ATD Concrete Coatings, we know how vitally important it is to seal concrete properly the first time. Our waterproof concrete solution saves you a lot of money in the long run - money that would've otherwise been spent on repairing damage.

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