Tuscan Concrete Floor Coating

What better way to relax is there than to take a Mediterranean vacation and take in all the tranquil natural beauty Tuscany has to offer? With a Tuscan concrete overlay, now there's no need to travel across the ocean just to enjoy that ever-popular Tuscan style.

Having a Tuscan overlay applied to your concrete floors can help you bring a bit of Italy in to your everyday life, affordably allowing you to take pleasure in the rustic, Old World style that so many have come to love. Tuscan concrete gives you the freedom of creating your very own Tuscan getaway right at home.

This type of decorative concrete is also an excellent choice for commercial properties, as the Tuscan look is known to be upscale. The air of success that gets reflected throughout the environment in which Tuscan concrete is laid is the perfect touch for properties that are home to forward-minded businesses seeking to leave a positive impression on incoming guests.

What is a Tuscan Overlay?

Plain old grey concrete surfaces can be very boring. A concrete overlay is an option that lets property owners spruce up such surfaces, adding both style and durability. To install an overlay, a thin layer of concrete gets applied over the substrate, and that layer can be made to have any number of styles.

For a Tuscan overlay, the thin set gets hand troweled and custom stained. Heavy troweling is used to create the appearance of stone, while light troweling can be used to create a smooth finish. There are a variety of designs approaches that can be used when laying Tuscan concrete in order to create the desired style, including the use of stencils, or hand carving. As a result, every floor is unique.

The customization options for Tuscan overlays are many. Special coloring techniques, such as adding a glaze, oxide, or acrylic stain give the look of the floor even more depth, interest, and flair. Popular design effects include flagstone, masonry effects, and scoreline.

Bringing the Beauty of Tuscan to Your Residential or Commercial Property

What is Tuscan style? It's the design style brought forth from the beauty and charm of the Old World Mediterranean. This look is all about leveraging natural, warm earth color tones. Rustic dark woods and natural stone are common materials of this theme.

Tuscan concrete happens to be particularly popular in Texas, thanks to the way the Tuscan style is so similar to the style of the Southwest, but there are some big differences between the two styles as well. After all, Tuscany is commonly held as the birthplace of the Renaissance, and the area is legendary for its glorious landscapes, rich traditions, and impact on high culture.

Some of the design elements one can expect to find in Tuscan design themes include elegant iron works, terra-cotta titles, solid wood, and trompe l'oeil. The style mainly focuses on reflecting the beauty of the Tuscan hillside.

The colors used are both rich and neutral, such as various natural shades of green, the rich brownish-orange found in terra-cotta clay, various yellows, creams, and cobalt blue - not to mention the beautiful deep reds and purples used to celebrate grapes, as Tuscany is known for wine.

Using Tuscan concrete overlay in your interior or exterior design lays a great foundation for creating either the Tuscan or the Southwestern style. Upon properties where these styles are already being featured, a Tuscan overlay can help complete the look, but this overlay also has many more benefits for you to discover.

Top Benefits of Tuscan Concrete Overlay

There's no doubt that a Tuscan concrete overlay can transform a boring concrete floor, walkway, or patio, greatly enhancing the beauty of the overall scene, but many property owners consider the cost savings the most exciting part of this choosing this option. After all, using an overlay isn't the only way to get this look in a paved surface, but the overlay cost far less than stone or other materials through which the Tuscan style is made.

The financial benefits don't even stop at the initial price of materials and installation, as the overlay is highly durable and low maintenance, making it one of the paving options that costs less to maintain and that needs repair or replacement less often. However, the only way to be sure you get all the advantages a Tuscan concrete overlay has to offer is to have it installed by a true expert, such as ATD Concrete Coatings.

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