Polished Concrete / Concrete Grinding

Polished concrete is a widely recognized flooring material due to its sustained popularity among owners of commercial properties. Be it a hospital, retail store, restaurant, parking garage, office building, or other type of industrial building, it's highly likely that at least some of the floor within is made of polished concrete.

Yet the use of ground concrete has quickly expanded to residential buildings as well, being found not just in the lobbies and hallways of apartment and condo buildings, but now even in the kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms of an ever-increasing number of single-family homes. In fact, some homeowners have chosen to have this type of flooring be the only type found throughout the entire house.

They can't help it. There's almost nothing like the mirror-like shine of a high-gloss polished concrete floor, although there's actually a wide range of sheen levels, starting with a matte stain. It's the gorgeous, hypnotizing aesthetic appeal of this type of flooring that's making more homeowners choose ground concrete as the flooring of their home.

This isn't even to mention the fact that this concrete flooring system comes at a much lower cost than marble or granite, is far more durable than carpet or wood, and is extremely low maintenance.

Polished Concrete: Versatility Ground Right In

A concrete slab floor is one of the features many buyers of commercial and residential properties look for when property hunting. Almost as soon as they make the purchase, their next step is to get the aggregate of the concrete exposed and polished to the sheen of their preference.

It's the multistep grinding process that grants the freedom of choosing the sheen level, as the more steps the process has, the shinier the floor becomes. A 7 step polish brings the concrete floor to a brilliant luster, but those looking for a lower sheen and lower cost can opt not to have the floor ground to such a level.

Still, sheen level isn't the only thing the grinding process lets you choose. Many choose to have color effects added during the process for a truly unique style. For example, some choose to have their polished concrete floors stained to mimic the look of polished stone, while others may choose a more vibrant color that fits in better with their decor.

The color, combined with the sheen and the natural features of the aggregate, is sure to create a completely unique look every time, adding value and beauty to any building in which such a treated concrete floor is found. Best of all, there's never a need to be concerned about fading, as the color and sheen continues to last. Instead, ground concrete is fast taking its place as the most popular no-wax flooring option.

The Many Benefits of Polished Concrete for Residential and Commercial Properties

The great amount of customizability is just one of the numerous benefits awaiting those who choose polished concrete flooring for their properties. In fact, the benefits go even further than how easy it is to maintain a ground concrete floor, or how durable and cost-efficient it is.

The high light reflectivity means it's easy for those with commercial properties to create that all-important professional look. Both commercial and residential property owners stand to benefit from the fact that the light reflection of the floor helps to reduce the need for artificial light, saving both energy and money.

Moreover, ground concrete floor is every environmentally friendly. Since neither installing nor maintaining the polished concrete requires hazardous adhesives, cleansers, or coatings, the environment is left all the healthier. This allergen-free flooring material even reduces the amount of construction and remodeling waste, as no additional flooring has to be installed on top of the aggregate, to only be later removed.

Still, Making a Ground Concrete Floor is Best Left to the Pros

The process of polishing a concrete surface is something that demands a great amount of expertise. The heavy-duty machines used feature diamond-impregnated disks which serve to grind the surface down, and these have to be used with special care in order to ensure maximum safety, smoothness, and shine. For those who want to enjoy all the benefits polished concrete has to offer, the best approach to call the pros at ATD Concrete Coatings.

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