Concrete Micro Toppings - Beauty and Affordability

There are many advantages to having a concrete floor, such as ease of care, longevity of the floor, affordability, and even sustainability, as no new flooring materials, such as tile or wood, have to be added to the concrete slab.

However, there are also many reasons why a concrete floor might be in need of rejuvenation or repair. When the time comes that your floor needs something more than what routine maintenance can provide, consider having a concrete micro topping installed.

Concrete micro toppings make excellent picks for both residential and commercial properties. The can be installed as a way to repair or remodel. It can be applied not only over concrete, but wood and tile as well. A micro topping is especially great where some artistic appeal is to be added to the floor, as the resulting surface makes a great canvas for adding designs with stains and color.

What exactly is a Concrete Micro Topping?

A concrete micro topping is a highly versatile, super-thin overlay made of a cement-based formula. Once applied properly, the resulting surface is extremely smooth and durable. There's a wide variety of places where concrete micro toppings can be used, including interior and exterior floors, patios, pool decks, and even countertops.

The toppings can be made slip-resistant, making them a flooring option of choice for areas where fall protection is a primary concern, such as industrial properties and residential bathrooms. The fact that this type of overlay makes a wonderful canvas means it's ideal for rental properties, like retail spaces, for example, where each new tenet is sure to have their own unique preferences for design, as it proves more cost-efficient when compared to other options.

High foot traffic is never a matter of concern when floors are treated with a concrete micro topping. The topping adheres well, resists wear, and is even highly weather resistant, even when it comes to long-term exposure to the ultra-violet rays of sunlight.

The process of installation is fairly simplistic. When the micro topping to be applied to an old concrete floor, the existing floor must first be smoothed and repaired as necessary. Sanding down any bumps and imperfects, and filling in any cracks and holes helps to ensure the smoothness of the topping.

The next step is to clean the substrate thoroughly. Then the concrete micro topping gets applied. This is followed by adding any color or stain and then sealing. There's just about no limit to the various hues and stenciled patterns that can be featured in a floor where a micro topping is used.

Here's a Few of the Many Benefits Micro Toppings Have to Offer

Each property owner might have their own list of reasons why using cement micro toppings is the right approach for them, but this flooring system has three key advantages that most people can appreciate.

1. A Fast, Effective Way to Revitalize a Worn Surface

Ripping out and replacing a worn concrete floor can be expensive and time-consuming, but the application of a cement micro topping is a fast, cost-effective way to put new life in that old floor. Once the existing surface is smoothed out and the micro topping is applied, the floor instantly looks brand new. In fact, as long as the existing floor is structurally sound, meaning no chance of collapse, the micro topping is a viable option. The service can be done quickly, taking only a couple of days to complete, but the resulting floor can last for many years to come.

2. Nearly-Endless Freedom of Artistic Expression

As most interior design experts know, the look of the floor can have a significant impact on the overall design of an area. For businesses, concrete micro toppings in guest welcoming areas can feature the company logo stenciled right on the floor in vibrant color. In homes, a different look can be created in each room of the house, all using the same affordable material, only varying in the stain or pigment used. This can mean, for example, having a marbleized look in the kitchen, and even having a child's name imprinted in the floor of their own bedroom.

3. Complete Redesign Made More Affordable

Concrete micro toppings make an excellent choice for those who prefer to change their interior design rather frequently. The topping is paper thin, so it's easy to smooth over one look in exchange for another. The result is less design commitment, less cost, and a lot more enjoyment.

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