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Flooring in laboratories, plants, and industrial buildings has to be outstandingly durable in order to withstand the type of abuse to which it's prone in such locations. Since most types of floors simply aren't tough enough to take the high amount of wear and chemical exposure they'll meet with in these environments, the only two options left for keeping the floor in good condition are to either replace the flooring often, or use an epoxy concrete floor coating. Of course, the latter choice is the solution that's most cost-effective.

It's the superior durability of industrial epoxy flooring that has made it so popular with owners of chemical plants, laboratories, residential garages, warehouses, food and beverage plants, and the like. They love the fact that the epoxy coating makes their concrete floor instantly safer, easier to manage, aesthetically pleasing, and even highly resistant to damage from harsh chemicals.

However, a flooring project wherein the epoxy coating gets applied by an amateur can quickly end in disaster. For this reason, its best to trust the work to a proven expert that can help you obtain all the benefits of having an epoxy concrete floor while saving you from a ton of wasted time, wasted money, and hassle.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coatings are actually used on a wide variety of surfaces, not just concrete floors. The most common reason to use such a coating is to create a surface that's resistant to water, acids, and alkali. There are two parts to any epoxy coating formula - the hardener and the resin. The proper balance of these two components within the mix depends on the type of performance desired.

Epoxy concrete floor coating creates a surface so hard-wearing and chemical resistant that it can be used even in the most demanding environments. Due to the hardness of the resulting surface, such a coating should never be applied to wood floors.

Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

1. Easily create various work zones - Epoxy floor coating can be a wide variety of colors, making it easy to designate various work zones by the color of the floor while simultaneously providing the type of floor that's tough enough to withstand the work done in all of the different zones.

2. Boost productivity while lowing costs - An industrial epoxy floor reduces wear on transport vehicles such as forklifts, potentially saving warehouses and factories a lot of money while allowing materials to be moved around faster.

3. Do your part in protecting the environment - For those seeking a flooring material that's both durable and environmentally friendly, epoxy concrete floor coating fits the bill.

4. Enjoy a fast flooring application process - When time is of the essence, epoxy floor coating is great because it can be quickly applied, producing beautiful, lasting results while reducing downtime.

5. Save money on flooring - The impressively durable surface created by the epoxy coating lasts for many years, making this type of flooring system highly cost effective. Maintenance costs are also very low, allowing you to save much more than you would with most other types of floors.

6. Improve safety levels - The epoxy coating can be used to create a floor that not only helps prevent slips and falls, but is also heat, fire, and impact resistant, protecting both people and property.

7. Add aesthetic appeal - Epoxy concrete floor coating not only provides great performance, but also great beauty. The number of colors and styles available are endless, and the epoxy coating can be set to a variety of sheen levels. The result is a floor that's as visually appealing as it is durable.

Here's What It Takes to Install Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The benefits of a concrete epoxy coated floor are superb, but it's all too easy for things to go wrong when applying the coating. Because of the way performing each step just right is crucial to the overall outcome, such a project demands the knowledge and experience of only true experts, like the dedicated team at ATD Concrete Coatings, for example.

Problems with epoxy coatings can arise from improper installation practices, such as poor surface preparation, not protecting the application from humidity, failing to ensure the substrate is strong enough for the coating, using the wrong primer, using no primer, failing to sufficiently clean the old cement floor, not mixing the hardener and resin properly, and much more.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we take great care and pride in providing our customers with the most beautiful and lasting industrial epoxy floors. Contact us today to have the job done right the first time.

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