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cross section of concrete coatingEver walked across a pool deck barefoot on a hot summer day and been impressed that the deck felt comfortably cool on your feet? Since 1970 Sundeck's classic texture concrete coatings have been making concrete surfaces cool, comfortable, stylish, and safe, whether that surface is the concrete deck around a pool, the driveway of a home, or the walkways of a commercial property.

As a matter of fact, classic texture concrete coatings are a great pick for property owners In the Dallas / Fort Worth area, thanks to the way this coating helps keep exterior walking surfaces cooler than other types of concrete toppings can. It's true that the Texas summer heat makes owning a swimming pool a really great thing, but you don't need a pool to benefit from the cooling effect and other benefits of classic texture.

This type of concrete coating is highly versatile, completely customizable, and very easy on the budget. The numerous, often unsurpassed benefits of Classic texture is what has helped it become one of the most popular concrete coatings to be found.

What is a Classic Texture Concrete Topping?

The majority of walkways, driveways, and so forth of residential and commercial properties are made of concrete thanks to how well this material performs in these types of usage scenarios. However, adding a concrete coating on top of the existing slab makes the benefits of concrete even more than they would have otherwise been.

Classic texture concrete topping is one of the many concrete coatings created and made popular by Sundeck. This concrete texture system is an acrylic water-based spray. After the spray is applied to the concrete surface, a trowel is used to shape the surface, ensuring that the walking area provides the maximum comfort.

The result is a surface that's slip resistant, attractive, and has a quite a few other great benefits. Whether for commercial or residential properties, classic texture has remained high on the list of popular concrete floor coatings and exterior walkway toppings for many decades.

Discover the Many Benefits of Classic Texture Concrete Coatings

Sure, classic texture concrete toppings are cooler than other concrete surfaces, slip resistant, budget friendly, and even quite aesthetic, but what's interesting is the way it has continued to remain popular with not only homeowners and commercial property owners, but even military installations, architects, and many others.

One of the things that has allowed this type of concrete coating to be highly regarded by so many is its high level of versatility. Classic texture concrete floor coatings can easily be customized to suit the decor of any area in which it is applied.

The list of color options for this topping is lengthy, and the types of patterns that can be made using this topping system are endless. This isn't even to mention what can be done with the texture effect options.

Not only is the surface created with this type of concrete topping slip-resistant in all conditions, but maintenance costs stay low, as the non-porous finish blocks chemicals, oils, and grime from getting underneath. This makes cleaning as simple as a regular sweeping and light mopping.

Moreover, even those classic texture offers benefits that go much beyond any other type of concrete coating, it's known to be one of the most economical toppings around. It costs less to have installed, less to maintain, and its high level of durability means you won't have to have it replaced or repaired for several years to come.

Another great thing about choosing Classic texture concrete topping is that the system can be used in conjunction with quite a number of decorative concrete effects. For example, those who love the beauty of natural stone, but want none of the associated hassles that comes with stone paving can get the same look they crave simply by having aggregate effects added to their classic texture topping.

Classic texture is also an excellent choice for those who prefer the look of the scoreline effect, wherein the existing cracks in the concrete are integrated into an attractive design. In fact, this type of coating can be used with masonry effects, stamp, the Tuscan look and much more.

Let ATD Concrete Coatings help you bring the benefits of classic texture concrete coating to your property.


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