Decorative Concrete Entryway Resurfacing & Repair

check_portfolio_btnAny business needs to have a great looking entryway as this is one of the first impressions someone has of the business premise. Whether you are running a hotel, apartment, motel or any regular business, making the best impression on existing and potential customers is crucial. Worn out concrete commercial entries certainly don't do that. Commercial resurfacing services can therefore, be of great help in ensuring that you have an elegant and durable solution that meets the needs in terms of style, durability, utility, and safety. Aging and damaged entryway concrete needs to be resurfaced professionally with quality products to improve the overall outlook of your business' space and keep it up to code.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we repair, coat and resurface front entries to provide the desired statement with a number of systems for the entire presentation to come together well. We have a multitude of textures and designs that can complement your business and provide that much needed curb appeal to your customers. If you still have a dull gray concrete entryway, we have a number of resurfacing options that can dress it up, transforming the entryway from dull to amazing.

Concrete coating using stamped overlays

ATD Concrete Coatings offers more than just the patching or repairing of concrete surfaces. We have several coating options that can transform plain, ordinary concrete into anything you want. If you want entryway resurfacing, then we can transform the surface and connect it with the theme of your business with our stamped concrete overlays system. Once the overlay is in place, we stamp or texture with any design you want to make it even more appealing to your clients. Moreover, we can color with specialized processes to offer further customization. You will no longer have to worry of any chipping, peeling or wearing of the surface.

Classic Texture Concrete Coating

This texture offers you a variety of design options while at the same time, giving you a slip-resistant and durable entryway surface that can withstand different weather conditions. Though we offer a range of different coatings, classic texture is one of the most popular because of its great benefits. This product offers your business the custom look you desire among other benefits. It can beautify the concrete entryway to your business and provide the necessary protection to ensure durability. Our classic texture system also offers an impermeable surface, meaning stains and water cannot penetrate through, leaving your concrete looking great for many years.

Acid Staining Concrete Entries

This another great system that can convert your commercial entryway into a area that's durable beautiful and maintenance free. Our system works well on new and old concrete and has always delivered impressive results. The stain penetrates deep, reacting directly with minerals in the concrete to create an aesthetically-rich and variegated finish on your surface. This entryway resurfacing system can enhance your exterior business premise and will never crack, chip or fade. Additionally, it creates a variety of color options that can complement the theme of your business and spruce up your surface.

Resurfacing with thin pavers

Thin pavers provide a hassle free, affordable and easy way to repair and resurface your commercial entryway without having to tear up the existing surface. They come with loads of benefits with their wide range of color options, size, shape and patterns that provide a unique finish, and create an area that fits your needs and complement the existing theme of your business. The beauty and sophistication of our thin pavers can give your business entryway surface that attractive factor it has been missing. In addition to aesthetics, the pavers are durable and can withstand cracking due to extreme weather changes among other factors.


A decorative concrete entry is critical to your business appeal. Obviously, ensuring that it benefits from the highest quality concrete is vital. At ATD, we can stain existing concrete or even use coatings and add a touch color of your choice for an attractive entryway. We can achieve a new texture on your concrete entryway with stamped overlay as well. Whether you just want to appeal to your customers or want to improve the overall look of your business premise, we can certainly provide our decades of experience and quality services. Don't let your boring concrete be the distraction factor on the overall landscape of your business.

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