Waterproofing Alternatives, What Are They?

Although concrete is known as one of the most enduring composite building materials, water is its most hazardous assailant. Water is drawn into the concrete structure because the microscopic cracks and capillaries found in the aggregates have a sponge-like effect, thus making the concrete surface retain water. Adequate waterproofing becomes thus imperative for the proper maintenance and protection of the concrete s structural integrity and durability. In terms of waterproofing systems, there are numerous options available for both homeowners or business owners looking to protect their concrete structures on the long term and to prevent the passage of water. The latest and technologically most advanced waterproofing system, available for ATD Concrete Coatings customers is a revolutionary 3 in-1 system which waterproofs, repairs and protects any concrete structure by optimally reducing the permeability of the new or existing concrete surface, effectively sealing it against leakage and by improving its longevity. In addition, it conspicuously provides a modern, elegant and desirable aesthetic appeal.

Waterproofing Alternatives, What Are They?

Innovative coating and membrane materials as well as integral waterproofing systems are currently the most popular waterproofing solutions because they are more cost-effective and provide excellent and long-lasting results with minimal down time. The newest waterproofing materials are easier to apply and provide an exceptional adherence to the matrix of the concrete structure, which results in ceasing water seepage permanently while protecting the original concrete infrastructure. Recently developed polymer-based membranes turn the concrete surface into a water-resistant and crack-resistant barrier that is able to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The two types of integral waterproofing systems include the hydrophilic system and the hydrophobic system. The former generally consists of crystalline concrete waterproofing, which is based on crystals that continue to form and grow in order to properly fill the pores, cracks and capillaries of the concrete mass and to prevent water passage. The hydrophobic system is typically based on fatty acids which are used to block the pores of the concrete structure, thus creating a seamless waterproofing barrier.

The Most Advanced Technology for Above Grade Waterproofing

The revolutionary waterproofing and sealing system provided by ATD Concrete Coatings consists primarily of a flexible and resilient fiberglass membrane that provides excellent bonding to the substrate of the concrete mass which in turn secures a firm barrier between water and the underlying concrete structure. This top-quality, lightweight sealer system also incorporates a decorative and long-lasting coating which provides not only an aesthetically appealing effect but also the highest level of water resistance and an impeccable concrete surface that is able to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. This innovative and environmentally safe waterproofing solution is guaranteed to solve permanently minor problems related to the concrete structure such as discoloration as well as serious problems such as leaking in above ground concrete. It transforms quickly your concrete surface into a durable, anti-skid, abrasion-resistant surface which will maintain and protect its structural integrity while providing at the same time a fresh, embellished and enviable new look. This highly advanced waterproofing, repairing and sealing system also provides exceptional freeze/thaw resistance ( freeze/thaw cycles are known to be among the main causes of concrete deterioration) and it repairs effectively and quickly pipe penetrations, deformed concrete or tie holes, thus preventing costly future repairs or replacement of the cracked, weathered and defective concrete mass.

Waterproofing systems for below ground concrete structures typically include foundation, block wall and basement waterproofing systems and they usually do not incorporate a decorative finish; instead, they include multi-layer, durable water-repellent coatings that are water pressure-resistant as well as mildew-resistant.

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