Polyaspartics vs. Other Sealers

Polyaspartics are used on concrete coatings to create a great sealed surface in a garage or
other place. Our materials will certainly be to your benefit when you use them
to your advantage.

One big point about polyaspartics is that they can be added to a thin or
moderate-level surface. These materials can be used for spots that are made
with 15 millimeter-thick materials to make everything sturdy and strong. This
is different from acrylic sealants and many other options that are only good on
thinner surfaces.

Also, polyaspartics are made without the use of any VOCs. This is critical as VOCs
can be harmful over time and may break down after a while, thus spreading some
harmful chemicals in a local area. Polyaspartics are made to make it easier for
a surface to be kept intact without worrying about any problems.

The elongation rate for polyaspartic materials is very strong. This material is
made to work with an elongation rate of around 300%. This is about three times
the elongation rate of epoxy.

Polyaspartics are able to dry up and be set into the spot as quickly as possible. This allows
for a surface that's easy to manage and will allow people to walk on a spot
really quickly. It takes around five seconds to cure and will become totally
hard in five minutes. This is different from typical epoxy and enamel sealants
that require a spot to be left alone for a few hours at a time.

Polyaspartics are also totally UV stable. They will not become yellow after a while. In fact,
the finish is always clear. It is especially glossy and lets off a nice size.
This cannot be said about most acrylic sealants as not all acrylic models will
have UV protection features in them.

The final thing is that this is something that can handle all sorts of weather
extremes. You can handle polyaspartics in places that are more than 90 degrees
Fahrenheit or places that are below freezing. This is a benefit that is not
possible with polyurethane or epoxy coatings. These things will run off if you
tried to apply them to a surface in temperature extremes and could even chip
off in some of the worst extremes.

Polyaspartics are certainly better to use than many other options out there. These options
are easy to manage and safe for whatever it is you need to get out of your
garage or other place in your home.

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