Options for Repairing a Concrete Driveway

2006 019Most driveways are made of either asphalt or concrete. Today, concrete has become more popular due to the various decorative options it provides. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, concrete driveways are water-durable and long-lasting. However, with time cracks and potholes may appear on the driveways. These cracks and potholes are caused by several different factors such as weather changes, excessive weight of a larger vehicle, ice and common wear and tear.

Regardless of the cause, if not repaired promptly, these cracks and potholes may become worse as a result of exposure of various weather elements. When cracks develop in the concrete, get a professional to repair the driveway. Below are 5 different options for repairing a concrete driveway.

  1. Overlay

Depending on the amount damage, an overlay can be use to repair cracks. This is a relatively inexpensive option for repairing minor cracks. The process requires a good cleaning of the surface; then a thin layer of cement is applied. Once the cement dries, a clear sealing coat may be applied to prevent staining or water damage.

  1. Fill

Filling concrete can be done when the damage is too big for an overlay. The damage is often as a result of normal shifting or extreme weather conditions. Fillers are waterproof epoxy used to repair cracks that are at least a quarter-inch deep. The process is quite simple; the cracks are filled with epoxy and then left to dry. This material is very strong and has enough flexibility to prevent further cracking. The material is also waterproof.

  1. Patch

Patching is similar to filling, but works for larger areas with moderate cracking. Here, a vinyl patching compound is spread evenly inside the pothole and the surrounding areas. The patch should be given plenty of time to dry and then sealed to prevent water absorption and stains.

  1. Resurface

Resurfacing is used to rehabilitate an existing concrete to make it look better. This is a more practical alternative to removing damaged pieces, and is often less expensive and less time consuming compared to the overlay method. Resurfacing materials are usually a combination of cement and high grade polymers that can hold well to the existing piece. The process makes cosmetically damaged cement look just like a new one but with little money.

  1. Replace concrete

If the concrete driveway is structurally unstable, the best option is to remove it and replace with a new one. Certain circumstances such as frost heave may force the concrete out. In such a case, replacement is best way out. The process can be long and quite difficult and homeowners are advised to consult a professional for this job.

The size of repair and the design of your concrete driveway will determine the method used. Always consult a professional contractor to help you with this repair.

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