Limestone Overlays were Used in Ancient Times. How are they Used Today in Renovation and Restoration?

Limestone overlays were extremely common in ancient times, especially in Egypt, being used to construct imposing buildings such as aqueducts, palaces or even pyramids. In those days, sandstone and limestone were the two basic materials for houses, mastaba tombs or temples.

Today, limestone has a different usage, but it’s still an extremely common choice. When it comes to adding an additional personal touch to your concrete surfaces and make them look simply amazing, limestone overlays can exceed all your expectations. If you really want a totally realistic look for your vertical or horizontal surface, whether it is your patio, driveway, drywall or other surfaces, limestone overlays is the answer.

What are Limestone Overlays?

Developed in Europe decades ago as an option to restore old historic buildings and make them shine again, this method or process is certainly a work of art. Handcrafted limestone overlays are applied over existing stucco, concrete, dry walls or any other surface in order to make that surface look like new again.

By using this innovative limestone overlay process, homeowners and business owners wanting to replace old or worn off surfaces does not necessarily have to tear up the old concrete. Instead, pool decks, patios, driveways or walls suffering from discoloration can gain a fresh new look by being coated with a fresh layer of decorative limestone or concrete.

 The Amazing Benefits of Limestone Overlays

In addition to improving the aspect of any surface, limestone overlays can last for years, thus increasing the market value of your property and making it much more valuable for potential buyers. Moreover, the strength of the overlay is doubled when adding quartz to this material, which means it will last much longer and won’t wear so fast.

Another huge benefit of using limestone overlays is the wide variety of colors, designs and patterns available. Because each design is hand carved without the usage of tape or templates, you can require for your own personalized pattern that meets your needs.

Limestone overlay concrete floor coating is normally made of a powerful and unique blend of hardened limestone and crushed quartz for more resistance and impact. Even if overlays have existed for several decades, the materials used today are far superior to the original materials used in the past. Today, limestone overlays contain quartz and additional additives such as polymer resins and various types of stone in order to enhance resistance to wear and tear, allow the overlay to better reflect its aesthetic qualities and of course improve overall performance in the long run.

While most homeowners choose to apply only a thin layer of limestone overlay, you can go for two or three layers for an increased resistance and a better appearance.

 As a Conclusion -

Why rip out your existing concrete when you can actually improve it by covering it with limestone overlays? This is a simple, affordable and professional way to protect any surface from damage, improve the appearance of these surfaces or make them look different. When it comes to limestone overlays, the benefits and possibilities are endless, for both residential and commercial customers.

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